Your Top 5 Artist Tax Questions Answered by the CRA

CARFAC has surveyed hundreds of artists for their top questions about filing their 2020 taxes, and chosen the most common queries to feature in an interview with officers from the Canada Revenue Agency. 

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"As a result of your feedback, we are pleased to present a pre-recorded question-and-answer session about the 2021 filing season with the CRA, which includes such information as:

  • How to report CERB income
  • Benefits you may be eligible for
  • Expenses that artists may claim
  • Methods for bookkeeping
  • The free Liaison Officer advice service for owners of small businesses
  • And more!"

You can view the full video here:

Their site also contains a full page of resources and tips for filing your self-employed artist income, please click the link HERE to access this valuable resource



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