Trudeau Announces Update to CERB Eligibility

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced at 12:00PM EST today that the government has made changes to the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit eligibility requirements to include those who make $1,000 or less from part-time, self-emloyed, or contract work.

These changes will directly affect those musicians who are still able to generate some income from performances, recordings, and teaching from home, and we applaud the huge efforts that the CFM national office and locals across Canada have made to advocate for clarification and reform to these regulations.

The Canadian Hertiage Minister Steven Guilbeault tweeted today that royaly payments for work done prior to the CERB eligibility period will not effect the benefit: "Creators who are receiving royalty payments from prior copyrighted works are eligible for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, provided that they meet other requirements."

A letter from Senator Bovey has elaborated on this "It has been confirmed now that artists and others who earn less than $1000.00 a month are eligible to apply for, and receive, CERB benefits. Thank you for your patience as we all awaited these modifications. I am sure it will help those who are receiving some monies for teaching their art, copyright fees, royalties, honoraria, and other small levels of income. I want to thank Minister Guilbeault for addressing this concern which he and I discussed."

For more information about the Prime Minister's statement, click: HERE

For Minister Guilbeault's statement, click: HERE

For SOCAN's response, click: HERE


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