Canadian Federation of Musicians vehemently opposes the federal government’s Private Members Bill C-377 as an unnecessary, costly and punitive action. It is clearly a fix for a problem that never existed. The purpose of Bill C-377 is to force Canada’s union movement to make their finances public, including assets, liabilities, and expenses. Financial statements are already open to union members.  This full financial disclosure will provide corporations access to information that will undermine our ability to effectively negotiate contracts by giving employers a major advantage at the bargaining table.  


In addition, with more than 25,000 unions, training centres and other affiliates in communities across Canada that will be required to report, Bill C-377 creates costly bureaucracy and a huge burden on taxpayers. The financial ramifications on our organization will be extreme.  It is estimated that it will take the average local union 200-400 hours annually to prepare the returns - at a significant cost to the local unions' treasuries. Failure to comply will result in a $1,000/day fine for each day not in compliance.


“The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) is very involved in the attempt to stymie the Bill.  One of the efforts is around third-party suppliers, and encouraging them to write to their MP about how this Bill, if passed, would be counterproductive to their business and to the growth of industry in Canada,” says Alan Willaert, AFM Vice President from Canada. Willaert, who also serves as Vice President of the Canadian Labour Congress, goes on to say, “This is an effective strategy involving small to large businesses, as business is what this government seems to hold so dear.  As a group we stand a much better chance of getting what is fair”.


The Canadian Federation of Musicians calls upon our over 17,000 Canadian members, to stand together with our union brothers and sisters in an all-out effort to stop Bill C-377.  This unfair bill has already had a Second Reading, and is under consideration until September 27, 2012 when it will go back to the House without any amendment for Third Reading.  Don’t let this happen.  Your support is urgently needed.  Be proud, be union, be AFM.


Building on AFM Canada’s long and successful legacy, CFM will continue furthering the particular interests and needs of professional musicians who earn their living in this country. Everyday CFM helps thousands of musicians with any number of issues related to the recording and performing of their craft.  The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada draws on the experience and strength of more than 90,000 musicians, with over 17,000 active members in Canada alone. Proudly celebrating 31 remarkable years of service, CFM is uniquely positioned to address Canadian issues, and provides vital resources for Canadian musicians, at any stage in their careers.   

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