P2 Applications

Dear AFM Members, Officers, Agents & Industry Professionals:

Effective immediately we will no longer accept P2 applications sent in by fax or email without the fees.

We are not able to begin processing the formal I-129 (P2) Petition without the fees, because US immigration/Department of Homeland Security will not accept a petition without the fees attached.

Previous to now, as a courtesy, we accepted P2 applications by fax/email, and immediately begun reviewing for accuracy/missing information, and held them in a pending file until the fees were submitted.

However, due to the HIGH VOLUMES of petitions we receive DAILY, it has become difficult to match up the correct money orders to the appropriate pending file – specifically when the fees are sent with no covering letter indicating which musician/band the money order is for; couple this with illegible handwriting on the courier package/mailing envelope which only adds to our confusion. This of course results in further delays, and sometimes errors in processing the application/petition.

Also, we understand that in some instances the fees are paid by an agent, manager or venue/engager on behalf of the musician(s). If this situation applies to you, then you will now have to email or fax your application to the individual responsible for remitting the fees and instruct them to send us everything altogether – or just have them send you the fees, so you can send us the complete package.

This new policy also applies to applications submitted without all work evidence included, even when you do have the fees ready to send. If you know the application will require additional information (passports, applications, work evidence, etc.), please do not send it to us until, to the best of your belief, your application package is complete.

If you have recently submitted a P2 application by fax or e-mail, and believe your application is being held pending additional information or fees, please contact Liana White immediately (lwhite@afm.org) to discuss your specific pending application, to ensure there are no oversights/errors.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, as this will help us to ensure a quick and accurate processing of your visa paperwork.

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