Notice to AFM Members Performing at ECMAs

April 3, 2014


Notice to AFM Members performing at ECMA's:

Negotiations with the East Coast Music Association and the CFM to renew the now-expired Agreement were unsuccessful.  The Association took the position that non-AFM members were entitled to work under the Agreement for the same fees and benefits, but should not pay their fair share.  Previously, a Temporary Membership fee was deducted from a non-member's fee, in a similar way that other unions apply the RAND formula.

What does this mean to you?

Without an existing agreement between the CFM and ECMA, there is no guarantee of fees, and there can be NO PENSION CONTRIBUTION.

What about the broadcasts?

The CFM has stand-alone agreements with both Eastlink and the CBC.  You are covered for both the on-air show and additional years' use, broadcast on other networks, or any other supplemental use.

What can I do?

To be absolutely sure of receiving your agreed-upon fee, plus the appropriate pension contribution, you should make sure you have a signed CFM live engagement contract for your showcase.  Make sure the contract is clear regarding the fees plus pension, and file it with Local 571 as soon as possible.

The CFM will continue dialogue with the ECMA during and after the event, in the hopes of renewing the agreement.  We find it disheartening that after almost twenty (20) years of having a common interest in protecting the performances  of musicians, that the Association suddenly changes policy.  We will keep you informed of any progress or developments.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Alan Willaert
Vice-President from Canada

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