CFM Responds to Air Canada's Enhancements to Policy on Musical Instruments


October 1, 2015  

The Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) is applauding enhancements to Air Canada's policy regarding the transportation of musical instruments on commercial airlines. After extensive meetings over the last year with the airline industry and Transport Canada CFM has lobbied on behalf of musicians for a policy that now allows musicians not only extra time but also more options for storage when traveling with their instruments. The enhancements were made in consultation with the Canadian Federation of Musicians.

"Musicians have long had difficulty transporting the tools of their trade, which are often very expensive and irreplaceable," says Alan Willaert, Vice-President from Canada, American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. "Over the years, we've seen far too many news reports of numerous instruments being broken or destroyed due to air travel. This acknowledgement by Air Canada is welcomed as a first step in ensuring those instruments arrive safely. We hope other airlines will follow suit."

Under the new policy, musicians traveling with their instruments can now receive a 50% discount on fares when purchases a seat to accommodate their musical instrument and will be invited to pre-board the plane in advance of general boarding to have more time to store their instruments in overhead bins. The full policy can be found at Air Canada's web site []

CFM congratulates Air Canada on this move, and looks to other airlines to follow their lead. CFM remains committed to continued work on behalf of musicians travelling with instruments with the Government of Canada and all Canadian air carriers.

Building on AFM Canada's long and successful legacy, CFM will continue furthering the particular interests and needs of professional musicians who earn their living in this country. Everyday CFM helps thousands of musicians with any number of issues related to the recording and performing of their craft. The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada draws on the experience and strength of more than 90,000 musicians, with over 17,000 active members in Canada alone. Proudly celebrating 35 remarkable years of service, CFM is uniquely positioned to address Canadian issues and provides vital resources for Canadian musicians, at any stage in their careers.   

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