Canadian Music Community Anti-Harassment Summit


TORONTO, April 24, 2018 /CNW/ - Senior representatives from numerous live and recorded music organizations participated in a follow up meeting to the inaugural March 1, 2018 Canadian Music Community Anti-Harassment Summit.  These organizations came together to work collectively to discuss an industry-wide Code of Conduct addressing all forms of harassment including but not limited to sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence in the workplace, as per applicable human rights legislation, throughout the music community. 

The following music industry organizations acknowledge that the nature of our work environments, often informal and transient workspaces, and coupled with the fact that the music community operates with a variety of contractual relationships, presents unique challenges for establishing national policy.  However, we agree that there are a variety of important issues that need to be addressed to ensure a healthy culture, with zero tolerance to all forms of harassment.  The music community at large needs support as they evaluate their internal organizational policies and procedures.

The second session, held April 19, 2018 in Toronto, focused on the following collective objectives and reconfirmed their commitment to finding industry wide solutions.

1.  Implementation of a Code of Conduct that can be adhered to, or used as an example, by large and small music performance venues/festivals, recording studios, music companies and the many varying workplaces in the music community.

2.  Set standards that will protect:


a.  artists, musicians, technical staff, administrative staff and audience;


b.  whether they are clients, volunteers, employees, dependent contractors or independent contractors, board directors; and


c.  regardless of their representation by an association, guild or union, or not represented at all.

3.  Recognition that there must be zero tolerance for all forms of harassment in the music community;

4.  Creation of education and prevention resources and tools that will help the music community address claims and complaints;

5.  Seek ways to provide resources and support in cases of harassment, and how to seek support.

  • Across the Board 
  • ACTRA Recording Artists' Collecting Society (ACTRA-RACS) 
  • Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) 
  • Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations (CCMIA) 
  • Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) 
  • Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) 
  • Canadian Music Publishers Association 
  • CONNECT Music Licensing 
  • East Coast Music Association (ECMA) 
  • Film and Entertainment Industries, EDC, City of Toronto 
  • Folk Music Ontario (FMO) 
  • Manitoba Music 
  • Music and Film in Motion 
  • Music Canada 
  • Music Canada Live 
  • Music Managers Forum (MMF) 
  • Music Nova Scotia 
  • Music PEI 
  • Musicians' Rights Organization Canada (MROC) 
  • Music-Musique NB 
  • MusicOntario 
  • Re:Sound 
  • SASKMusic 
  • Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC) 
  • SOCAN 
  • Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) 
  • Toronto Musicians Association AFM/CFM Local 149 
  • Travelling Musicians Association AFM/CFM Local 1000 
  • Unison Benevolent Fund 
  • Vancouver Musicians Association AFM/CFM Local 145 
  • Women in Music Canada (WIMC) 
  • Western Canadian Music Alliance (WCMA) 
  • WorkInCulture

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