Insurance Programs You Can Rely On

Equipment Insurance

As a professional musician, you depend upon your instruments and equipment.  Think of the costs of replacing equipment if it is lost or damaged.  Most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance is not enough to protect from theft or damage on location.  Thus the CFM provides access to Equipment Insurance, wherein your instruments and music-related equipment are protected from vandalism, breakage, water, fire, lightning and theft up to the full replacement value.

Health & Travel Insurance
It's very common for a musician to encounter some occupational hazards.  CFM's insurance programs cover everything from Personal Accident Disability, Critical Illness, Group Home and Auto Insurance, Health and Dental Plans, and Travel Insurance for when you're on or off the road.

Liability Insurance
By signing up for the Professional Liability Insurance CFM members are protected from the risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims. It protects members in the event they are sued as a result of any injury sustained during a performance.

Out of Country Insurance
The CFM also provides access to Out of Country Health Insurance for musicians traveling outside of Canada.

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