Staff Contact Information

Phone: 416-391-5161
Toll Free: 1-800-463-6333
Fax: 416-391-5165

Alan Willaert
Vice President from Canada, AFM
Ext. 227

Liana White
Executive Director
Ext. 232

Susan Whitfield
Director of Administration
Ext. 223


Bernard LeBlanc
Director of Symphonic Services


Richard Sandals
Associate Director Of Symphonic Services, Canada


Allistair Elliott
International Representative
Mobile phone: (403) 690-5161


Jill Léger
Artist Immigration Administrator
Ext. 254


Kaitlyn Vleming
Artist Immigration Administrator


Cathy Lee
Membership Services Coordinator
Ext. 229


Rosalyn Dennett
Outreach & Communications Coordinator


Carl Schilde
Contract & Licensing Coordinator
Ext. 224


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